February 22, 2017


Check out our Leadership Team and Story below:

The Leadership Team

Pastor Andrew and Jo White

Andrew became the Senior Pastor of Victory in 2005. Andrew and his wife Jo lead the church with dedication and passion whilst keeping God at the heart of everything they and the Church does. Andrew is known for his lively preaching style and use of visual aids and illustrations. Jo currently runs our women’s ministry ‘Flourish’.

Ron and Margaret White – Founding Pastors

Ron and Margaret founded Victory Gospel Church in 1980 when they took over leadership of a small local church in the village of North Baddesley, Hampshire. They always had the desire to one day have a large building at the heart of Southampton so they could reach out to the city, and that’s where we are now!

Jim and Wen Drake – Senior Assistant Pastors

With a wealth of experience and a heart to teach the word of God, Jim and Wen are the deans of our bible school and the leaders of our pastoral care team.

Josh White – Youth and Families Pastor

Being the head of Student Session’s, Glow Youth and World Changers Kid’s Church, Josh oversees all things youth and family related at Victory. Josh has a big heart for young people and since taking over Glow Youth in 2013 it has more than doubled in size with lots of young people coming and encountering God for the first time.

Paul and Julia Franklin – Assistant Pastors

Paul and Julia are a vital part of our pastoral care team and serve the church in a variety of ways. Paul and Julia can often be found on a Sunday morning welcoming visitors as they walk through the door.

Richard and Tina Boulton – Worship Pastors

Richard and Tina are our worship pastors and lead the team with passion and dedication. Having travelled to many different nations across the world as missionaries, Richard and Tina have a passion to see everyone encounter God through worship.

Toni Bannister – Missions Pastor

As our Missions Pastor, Toni has travelled all over the world preaching the gospel and healing the sick and by helping build homes for orphans and delivering much needed aid to those in need.

Sharon Cambridge – Assistant Pastor

Sharon serves our church in so many ways. She is always willing and ready to serve. Sharon has a real heart and vision to minister to the women in the church and is actively involved in many different areas of ministry.

Biju and Sophie Daniel – Asian Fellowship Pastors

Biju and Sophie lead our Asian Fellowship Congregation every Sunday evening. They both have a heart to reach the Malayalam speaking community of Southampton and have been running the church for over 5 years.

Donny and Rani Philips – Asian Fellowship Pastors

Donny and Rani also lead our Asian Fellowship Congregation every Sunday evening. They too have a heart for reaching this community in Southampton and have been passionate and committed in running this congregation along side Biju and Sophie for over 5 years.

Peter and Gail Davys – Assistant Pastors

Peter and Gail are often seen on Sundays in the foyer welcoming everyone who walks through the doors. Peter and Gail love people whole-heartedly and bring to our pastoral team such a wealth of wisdom and experience.

Our Story

Our Story:

Victory Gospel Church was founded in 1980 when Pastors Ron and Margaret White were asked to take on the leadership of a small local church in the village of North Baddesley, Hampshire.

What started out as a small village church of just 28 people soon grew to a vibrant, dynamic church. Today around 400 people from over 50 different nations of the world call Victory Gospel Church their home.

God placed a desire on Pastors Ron and Margaret’s hearts to one day have a large building in the heart of Southampton so they could reach out to the city, provide a safe place of worship for all people of all backgrounds, reach out to children, single mums, struggling families, the elderly, those with addictions and those who were simply lonely with nowhere else to go. In 1996, The Victory building fund was started.

In 2005, Pastor Andrew White was inducted into the role of Senior Pastor and continued in his parents desire to one day have a building in the heart of Southampton.

After many years of praying and believing, Victory Gospel Church moved into it’s new home at The Victory Centre, a building that can seat a thousand people on one of Southampton’s busiest high-streets. Today, The Victory Centre is being used for the purpose reaching the lost in Southampton, feeding the homeless, caring for the elderly, supporting those recovering from addiction and much more.