August 10, 2019

Seun’s Testimony

Seun's Testimony

I was working a part time job that I didn't like because of the low pay and because it wasn't the kind of job I was hoping to have after I completed my PhD. Pastor Wen delivered a sermon on faith and shared testimonies of how God provided for her family through faith alone. I went home that night and asked God to provide another job for me. I specifically asked for double the pay and a job within my field. The next day, I was contacted by a lecturer and offered an academic job which paid exactly double my current pay. Since then, God has provided jobs that relate to being a lecturer. There was one I was called in for and offered double the pay I was currently on at first, which I was very pleased with. Then I found out that they had reviewed the pay to 7x what I was currently on! Towards the completion of my PhD, I prayed that I would have a lecturing job in this country. My fiancé prayed with me and informed Pastor Andrew who prayed for me. It seemed impossible because of my limited experience in the field. But God did it! I received a call the very next day and I was told that I was the best candidate for the job! They agreed to help switch my Visa from student Visa to work Visa and reimburse my Visa expenses. The salary is also testimony. God is too good! Praise God! He is good! When He gives you His word, you can surely count on it.