March 8, 2017


About our Ministries

Please note that until further notice all of our ministries are closed due to the current situation. We will update you when they are back up and running via this website and our social media pages. 

Here at Victory we have loads of teams and ministries so everybody can find something to get involved with here at Victory.

If you’re a new student then be sure to click HERE to find out how we can serve you and how you can get involved!

To find out more about all our teams and ministries just click on them below… 

Our Ministries and Teams

The Cleaning Team

This team is vital in making sure the church is kept looking presentable.

The Elijah Project

A weekly programme designed to help see people set free.

Evangelism Team

This team take to the streets every month to spread the gospel.

Faith Bites

A midweek meeting followed by a free light lunch.


Flourish is a bi monthly women's meeting.

Glow Youth

Our youth group for youth aged 11-16 years old.

Grace Upon Grace

A monthly widows support group for those who need it most.


Hope aims to help parents by offering free clothes for kids.

Hub/Coffee Team

This team don't only serve coffee but makes everyone feel welcome.

Media Team

This team enables us to run smoothly on a Sunday morning.

Pastoral Care

A chance to chat and receive prayer from a pastor.

Photography Team

This team provides us with amazing photos of our services.

Prayer Meeting

A monthly prayer meeting with praise and worship.

Praying Mothers

A group for mothers with kids of any age.

Prison Outreach

This team goes out into the prison to provide bible study and support.

Recovery Course

This course gives support to those overcoming an addiction.

Sound Team

The sound team enable us to be able to have worship on Sundays.

Soup Run

The Soup Run aim to feed and clothe those who need it.

S&W Bible School

Our bible school 'Spirit and Word' is written and taught by our pastors.

Stewarding Team

Our friendly team of stewards help make the services here happen.

Stronger Men

Stronger is our mens ministry here at Victory.

Student Sessions

A weekly student life group with a free home cooked meal.


Our Victory Asian Fellowship holds services in Malayalam on Sundays.


A bi-monthly group for all business owners and entrepreneurs.

Victory Highways

Our vision and project for our un-used basement under the church.

Victory World Missions

All the missions around the world we support and go on.

Welcome Team

Our welcome team are here for anyone new to Victory.

World Changers

Our kids church and parents and babies room available on Sundays.

Worship Team

Our worship team passionatly lead the praise and worship each week.