August 10, 2019

Moses and Tillia’s Testimony

Moses and Tillia's Testimony

There was a detail in our lives that had terribly failed us for a long time, we wanted a family car, but we failed to buy on 3 different occasions. When I joined my husband 3 years ago, we agreed that we needed to take that step and buy a family car as soon as my work savings from my former job were wired to my account. When we got the money we knew that it would get us a suitable car, but we kept procrastinating and not deciding on which car we wanted until we realised that the money we had set aside we had spent. On two separate occasions we got loans, hoping that some of the money would help us buy our first family car but again we terribly failed on both occasions. This year (2017), we went running to God, I asked him for our dream car, I told him that we had totally failed, I was so desperate for his timely response. I did not want to see us without a car on going into 2018. Me and my husband continued to believe for our car and because there are too many makes and models, I asked God to choose the perfect one for us. One afternoon as I was napping, I had a dream. I saw a black car in a specific car dealership, the poster on top of the car was unique to the dealership, and the image was so clear to me. I also saw the cars sale figure, four clear digits: 1695. I woke up so happy, I told my husband and we took note of the figure. That evening, I rushed to the dealership but the car was not there. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to check the next day. Me and my daughter went to the dealership the next day and behold it was there, just as I saw it in the dream, with the exact four digits. My heart filled with Joy, we went around it, clamping it in prayer, I literally told the car not to move until I come back to buy it. I knew it was God's choice for us. We had no savings towards a car, so i told God that since he showed it to us, He should provide. He indeed did, 3 weeks later, I received my salary, and it was over 30% than what I usually get. I had gotten a salary bonus and my hours pay for the month was huge. My husband was also expecting over 40% more than his usual salary. On 2/11/17, the Holy Spirit put an urgency on my heart to go check on the car. It had been packed aside and all display signs were removed. I got so concerned, I prayed about it and asked God to hold it for us. On 3/11/17, I called the dealership, and I was told what I dreaded, that the car had been deposited and they were holding it for the person who deposited 20%. I told the gentleman that the car is mine, that I had seen it in a dream and that he should not sell it to anyone else. He said he wouldn't do that, he gave me a chance to call him on 5/11/17 to find out if it's not yet cleared and available. I briefed my husband, he had 2 weeks to wait before his salary payment, he advised we pull some more money from a savings group we belong to that includes 2 other families so that we could buy the car and we did that. By 3pm on 3/11/17, We had all the money for the car including insurance and tax. I called up the gentleman at the dealership, I told him that I have all the money and I can pay for the car. He asked me to allow him call the real owner of the business to find out whether it's okay for him to resale the car. I remained in prayer and rebuked the devil. 10 minutes later he called back with good news. Me and my husband went and paid for the car and drove it back home that Friday night. Glory to our Lord Jesus.