August 10, 2019

Nigel’s Testimony

Nigel's Testimony

Our very reliable car suddenly became unreliable and started costing me money. Being a rather bland car with 200000 miles on the clock, we decided to look for another car. We waded through many websites and found some fabulous looking cars. We travelled many miles over weekends and evenings. Unfortunately, most of the cars were disappointing in the flesh. Or worst still, beautiful vehicles but with very poor fuel consumption ie 20 mpg! On every venture I prayed "If this is the car Lord please make it obvious to me. Don't let my heart get carried away. Thank you Jesus". Finally my son found a car in Romsey not far from my old house. The vendor was asking £1295. I had £1200. I prayed before we left. The car did indeed give me the smile factor. We wanted this car. Other similar cars were costing between £1600-£1800. We asked for a day to have a think. I was sure I could get it for £1100. But only wanted to pay £1000. It was worth his asking price, all day long. But the price £800 came into my mind and would not leave. It seemed a very low number. I was sure he would be insulted. As my son was in communication with the owner I asked him to send a message. To list work required on the car and offer £800 because this number was ringing in my ears. My son offered, instead, £700!!! The vendor came back with £850. I smiled and accepted, but could still hear £800 ringing in my ears. We bought the car. As we drove away I was amazed to now spot the fuel tank was over three quarters full of diesel easily equaling minimum £50. So the car did in fact cost less than £800. God is good and it makes me very emotional as to just how much he cares and loves us.